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Originally Posted by BimmersGarage View Post
I didn't read through all of the thread.. but, you're Still having problems?
Where abouts are you in TX?
I am still having the issue. Mainly, car overheats when max a/c is on or a/c is on below 70 F and sitting in Texas heat 90+ F for more than a few minutes.

I am short on cash so I don't want to just dance in front of it with the hood popped throwing money into the engine bay.

I am located in Central Texas(15 mins North of Waco).

My objective as of now is to order a new ET and cap, BMW OEM coolant, new crush washer, bleed screw, and givver a flush.

Fan is being... odd. Won't stay on while car is turned off to cool, will turn on during startup and when the engine gets hot while cranked. . .

Just looking for cheapest and most durable deal on an ET now.

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