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If this is milled and the top cap is spaced out to make up the milling distance:

you loose the cavity that the oil washer ring sits on; the would be loose- this item lubricates the spider gear (your axel is mated to the spider gear via internal splines)
the driver side spider gear will have no seat and there will be a giant space there. A full billet custom top hat would solve this but not be very cost effective.

Originally Posted by SoloII///M View Post
Adding a shim under the ring gear wouldn't affect the clutches at all, but that's not what the OP was talking about doing.
this would be harder to fit the diff in the case housing, but would be more reliable as no internal relationships have been altered. I hate to see what kind of carnage a loose spider could cause.

.......messing with the internals and making custom parts for the diff (crazy IMO). I suppose if one had a machine shop that could do anything at $0... Thumbs up for the guts to play the game!

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