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regarding a changing screen:
We are plan to changing the screen,but still do not have the exact date.Maybe 3months,maybe 6month,maybe 1year etc...
so if youre waiting for that, i wouldnt hold your breath for it anytime soon

I asked if there was anything she could suggest for those of you having only the lights coming on:

Yes,i got the issue about only back light on and screen comes with nothing.I have asked he to test it using 12V power line without install it in car. he said he took this unit to a local shop and the guy told him our unit is break.To be honest,i cannot believe or understand it as all checked before sending.

BTW,i tell you a story about our E46.One of my customer who is from USA,he told me our unit cannot turn on even though he checked this unit is power.Then i asked him to return it to us.It's unbelievable,i connected the 12V power to test it when we received the returned one,it turned on and work normally!!!

I really do not know where is the issue.Why customer cannot make it turn on and when returned it to us,we can make it turn on and work normally!

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