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Ok, so today a mate and I got under the car. It seems this silicone/rubber filler is there. Bah! But it's only in the first quarter section of the fender, not the whole fender - phew! The rest of the fender seems to be filled up with dirt and pebbles that have collected along the way. They're easily removed. The silicone/rubber is quite difficult. First tried using a razor blade - that didn't work well. It would take ages to do it that way. Then we used a dremel drill with a carbon steel wire wheel. That worked ok, but was still a pretty tedious process as the wheel is pretty small/thin. In the end my mate had to get going so we didn't get the job done. We did also buy a bigger steel wire wheel for a drill, so we'll try that next weekend. I think that will work a lot better as it's bigger.
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