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Originally Posted by monkeyhead View Post
How can u tell if the detailer did a good/bad job?
Same way I know if the milk man did a good job or not. . .I check to see if my girlfriend smoked a cigarette.

Anyway couple things.

1. I am definitely in the wait 30 days post any paintwork to do any waxing/polishing, etc. to my paint. I've worked with automotive paints before (not the most state of the art stuff) but in my experience anything that is not flash cured in a medium temp oven, like at the factory, takes about 4 weeks to fully and completely cure.

2. For the OP, a couple people have mentioned clay bar, and for less than $10 I agree wholeheartedly. It takes maybe 30min and you will get some seriously nasty stuff off your car.

3. If it were my car (and any car over a few years old, not just one with a funny feeling fender could benefit from this) I would get a mildly abrasive polish like "Meguiars Ultimate Compound," (careful there are many with similar names, this is one of the lightest ones) it costs about $10 for a bottle. This is safe to use by hand, you don't need an orbital or rotary buffer, and it will abrade the skin off the clear ever so lightly. This tends to bring back some luster to your paint now that it has a fresh layer of the clear exposed.

After you use a compound it is imperative that you wax with a good carnuba wax, or even a two step cleaner wax / final wax, since you will have stripped the paint of many of its protective properties.

Also it can't hurt to invest $10-$15 in some brand new foam applicator pads and microfiber towels to put on and take off this stuff. I do have a set of rags I reuse for things, but I wash them each time then categorize them when they are clean as to what they are now suitable for depending on what has been done to them - this is because I am a crazy person. Anyway, most people reuse crappy stuff to put on and take off car care products and its silly, you can totally damage your paint.

HTH, just my $0.02

PS - if really only one fender feels weird to the touch, it's quite possible it got some less than terrific quality paint work (at a repair shop). I'd still do the steps above, but if it doesn't make a difference on how that fender feels, you really aren't going to be able to make an impact in it even by wetsanding. The funkiness you're feeling probably started in bad preparation of the panel or its underlying paint layers, and is manifesting itself in a rough feeling on the top layer - but it didn't start there.

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