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Originally Posted by sillieidiot View Post
lol i don't have a problem with it. but then when you guys do that, i just don't even post. it's pointless. same with the other guys lol and you guys never talk about anything anymore. it's more like a fb status update here and there now lol

the last thing i remember that was semi chat worthy was when i was telling Raj his definition of OEM+ is wrong lol

and chad's situation sucks. but for some reason, i get the feeling that he wants to kick my ass lol
What are we supposed to talk about? We're here practically everyday, how interesting can it possibly get? Sooner or later it will get mundane. If you guys had really cool things to talk about before, then good for you, the old crew is apparently far more interesting and again, can't help you with that. Unfortunately for us, we are tired or busy, and just want to come here to talk about everything else and that's not always "intellectual".


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stancewerks is for dudes who pick up dudes for a little stretch and poke.
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