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Originally Posted by albeee View Post
What are we supposed to talk about? We're here practically everyday, how interesting can it possibly get? Sooner or later it will get mundane. If you guys had really cool things to talk about before, then good for you, the old crew is apparently far more interesting and again, can't help you with that. Unfortunately for us, we are tired or busy, and just want to come here to talk about everything else and that's not always "intellectual".


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lol doesn't have to be interesting everyday. but at least something entertaining i guess. unless you consider the gay flirting entertaining then iono lol but this thread has been pretty boring for like the last 6 months. and sometimes it doesn't even move a page in like 3 days. even with the flirting, you're recycling the lines over and over too (yes i skim to through them when i'm bored )

i'm pretty sure the most exciting parts of the thread comes from chad posting pictures of his car after washing lol
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