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Originally Posted by Bartacus View Post
But really, what do they gain? What does ANY extremist gain by that? You just poke the world's deadliest hornet's nest, and those hornets will pursue you to the ends of the earth. So unless you have a spaceship...

BTW, the reason I'm posting here is because your government has a history of setting up stuff like this. Once you start reading up on Operation Northwoods and stuff like that, it's hard NOT to suspect that something else was going on there on 9/11.
yes, and when you start reading General X, you really start running down the rabbit hole.

you can read all you want about far out conspiracies, both real and imagined, and come up with whatever hare-brained schemes you want, but the question remains: what's the application? What do you do with the information?

Proclaim yourself king of the internet and paint "I Told You So" on your crown?
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