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Originally Posted by MrAdventure View Post
But not Afghanistan. The rules have changed.
Note I said traditional battlefield. Afghanistan is not a traditional battlefield.

But we've still gotten damn good at fighting insurgents, too. We can kick their asses from K-town to J-bad and everywhere in between. They can't run, they can't hide, and they can't fight for long. We dominate the skies and the ground, and, given the chance, can find and defeat anything they come up with to blow us up.

Counter-insurgency is not about killing bad guys, though. It's about winning the people. And some of them still don't like us. Every bad guy has brothers, children, parents, friends. And when we kill the bad guy, some of his friends and family turn against us.

Counter-insurgency is about making the bad guys realize that they're wrong, and that they are fighting against the interests of their own people.
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