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Originally Posted by rjskalet View Post
im sorry but dont you think that the explosions from lower levels could be due to a large amount of stress which causes the structure to explode. the vibrations that traveled through the WTC's structure would travel downwards putting the most amount of stress and strain on the lowest levels, which in turn could cause the structure to essentially explode. just looking at it through a logical/engineering standpoint.
Highly unlikely, considering the way the towers fell. If what you are saying is right, one would assume the bottom of the structure would crumble, and collapse, and the higher levels would fall on top of it. This did not happen.

I think the biggest question I have is that the lobbies were both blown out from explosions. Witnesses said people were actually on fire in the lobby. But the issue I have with that goes two fold. First, for this to happen, the fireball and explosive energy would have to travel the entire elevator shafts which were hermetically sealed. Odd enough thing on its own, but the second part is even more crazy. The second part is that there was no elevator that ran from ground to top of the buildings. It would take 3 transfers to get from floor to roof. So the fire and explosive energy would have to travel down, change elevators TWICE and then blow the lobby, but not the floors directly below the lobby (There were 7 floors that could be reached by elevator below the lobby).

What about that screams "scientific and logic"? Fire decided to go 30 floors down, pause, change direction, and enter a shaft across the way, go another 40 odd floors and blow out the lobby, leaving sub levels 1 through 7 untouched.

If you can explain that, I'll be quiet for the rest of my life. Keep in mind, this was at the moment of first impact, or very close to the moment of impact. The lobby was documented in the Naudet Brothers film first hand once they reached the building. Tiles were thrown off the walls, all the glass was broken, and people were on fire. I have heard a few say it was acoustical energy, or it was "shock waves" but this does not explain the hermetically sealed environment. Basically, if the fire had to change elevators, one would assume that the energy would be expelled at the floor where the change had to happen. You can't say it was either of those two if you account for the change in shafts.

We also know for a fact that the elevators were cable operated and required no channel below for maintenance, as all elevators 12 stories and below are actually lifts using hydraulics, and all 13 and more are cable operated. So there was no shaft below the elevators from the top going to ground level.

This is something that was never brought up before I asked the question, and I still have no answer.

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