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Originally Posted by Muffins View Post
need new front bumper
Need more money!

I made my own bumpstops!

Went to the local sport store and bought 6 hockey pucks.. 2 bucks a piece = fantastic bumpstops.

They are very hard compound rubber and work great! I used a whole drill bit to cut out the center of the hockey puck, about a little over an inch diamter, then drilled a whole in the center. Used a razor blade to cut a slit down the radius of the bump stop.

They are very hard and dont deform under the cars weight at all.

Hockey Puck Bump-Stop Info:

When you are running aggressive wheel set ups and are on the lower side, you have the constant battle of rubbing. I have about 1/2 inch between my rear fender and my rear wheel lip. All it takes is one freeway overpass and your wheel can fly up bend your fenders! So to make sure you are safe from this it is always good to have high spring rates and high dampening... Most importantly, Heavy Duty Bump-Stops! They are the best protection against wheel/fender interaction. Bump-stops come on factory suspensions to protect the shock from hitting the shock tower when bottuming out. Since the car is much higher and has a much softer suspension it also has very soft bump stops. So fact of the matter is, lowered cars with low offsets need Heavy Duty Bump Stops!

The whole idea of the harder bumpstops are to limit how much the suspension can compress. The reason you would want to limit how much suspension compresses as said before, is to keep your wheels from hitting your fenders!

Durometer: is the measure of hardness of a material, which can be defined as the meterials resistance to perminant indentation.

There are a couple different scales of hardness but to put things into context, on the softer rubber scale, automotive tires rank about a 70 durometer. Hockey Pucks have about a 91 Durometer.

Hockey Pucks have a very high durometer rating and are quite hard. That is why I chose them before to use as my own bump stops and that is why I chose to use them again.

I didnt just throw any random amount of hockey pucks in there. With some trial in error I found the proper amount of bumpstops for my current set up and height

If you have too many bumpstops in, your car will be pretty much sitting on them, and then you are in for a bumpy ride. Let the spring and strut do their job, the bumpstop is just there as a saftey net for harsh dips on the highway and what not.

Too little bumpstops means that your rim might hit your fender before the bumpstop hits the upper strut mount which stops any further suspension compression. So to go along with my previous analogy. The safety net came in to late..

Having the right amount of bump stops makes it so they step in and stop your suspension from compressing anymore just millimeters from your fenders and wheels hitting eachother.

A good way to find the righ amount is simply start out with a random amount on the concervative side like, 3 or 2.5 hockey puck bump-stops. THen back one rear wheel up a curn so it fully compresses and the other stays on the street. See how far the suspension compresses before it is sitting on the bump stops. If your fender runs into your wheel, then you need more bump stops. If it stops when they are far away from eachother, than you have to much! Take some out.

Dial it in and get the perfect amount so your wheel stops a few millimeters away from the fenders.

I hope I was able to shed some light on bumpstops and why I chose to make these things from hockey pucks! Let me know if you have any questions!

Now on to the pics!

Sorry, Iphone pics, camera was dead.

I lowered the back about 1/2 an inch since I got the fenders pulled.
I will take pics with a better camera in a few days.\

Front:18x10 et12 Rear: 18x10 et20
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