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Need Advice From F/I Users

Hey guys,

I purchased my 04 LSB M3 last October and after falling in love with the overall maturity and confidence of the car I decided more power would be a great compliment to those aspects. After doing my research it became very obvious that an N/A application will not net me the power I want without significant sacrifice.

So my options are to supercharge or turbocharge...

I own a 87 rx7 TII with a single turbo (similar to a gt35r) so I've been hypnotised into believing that turbo applications are the best and I'd like to experience that feeling with my M3.

My goals are to make 450-550 rwhp, trap 125+ in the 1/4 running low 12's or preferable high 11's. I'd like to make this kind of power on pump gas (if meth is needed that's fine) because I don't plan on running with race gas more than several times a year. My car mostly sees mountain roads anyways. I also don't really want to spend more than 12k for a kit, custom or not. I'd be making 550 rwhp quite easily if I put that kind of money into my rx7 so I don't feel like that's asking too much.

I've looked at every kit I can find, the HPF stage 1 kit makes less then what I want on pump gas and also costs more. The addition of meth puts me right where I'd like to be but 15k is pretty steep considering what I'll be doing with the car. The AA, ESS, VF kits are right in my price range but power does not seem to be made until redline, ie, you're waiting for the power to come in and the youtube videos I've seen seem to confirm that as they don't seem to pull stock e46 m3's until higher up in the power band as the supercharger is pushing more boost. PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong.

All in all if I have to pay more then so be it, but for the price of buying a used e46 m3 I want to be dam# sure I won't regret it.

I'm 23, living on my own and I'm trying to get all this done before I settle down and start a family cuz all this will go out the door. What I'd like to hear is advice from you guys on what you would do in this situation whether go custom/supercharger kits (AA, VF, etc)/hpf kits. And those of you who have spent this kind of money, do you have any regrets? Is your car always having to get tinkered with to run right after the install kind of stuff etc.

Thanks for the help in advance guys,


p.s. This thread is NOT intended to talk down on other kits, please just state the experience good/bad with your own kit.

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