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I had the JOY of rebuilding the left front driveshaft this weekend. I put the car up to look for source of oil drip/leak and noticed the left inner CV boot was torn completely. I had previously zip tied hoping to extend the life and I had ordered the boot kit from BMW. So, I cleaned all the grease I could find that had flung.

I removed the shaft in about 45min - no real hassles. Cleaned and inspected the inner and outer CV joints. Inspected the splines on the shaft, the hub and the diff. All look great.

I filled with new BMW supplied grease and new inner and outer boots, reassembled the shaft and prepared to install.

slipped right into diff...then came the HASSLE

I could not get it to slide all the way onto the hub.

I had already cleaned, sanded and cleaned again...then greased the two sets of splines...half way go further

two days later and a few tries....I go out for a LONG bicycle ride, come back and immediately clean, sand, and clean again...the insert...finally all together

I have gone ahead and ordered the replacement boots for the right shaft. I drained and refilled the diff while apart, performed oil change, CLEANED a lot (but not all the cosmoline/oil buildup from bottom of engine/trans/diff/ transfer case, etc)

There is still alot to clean. I left it clean enough I hope to find the source of the oil leak.

I am guessing from reading here that I will be dropping the diff, subframe, steering rack, etc soon to reseal the oil pan.

Rear lic plate filler installed....found rust, the lic plate lights were barely holding in - I disrupted that rust and now the right light wont stay in...I guess I will have to cut out the bad and weld in new.

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