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Originally Posted by Bdave View Post
Why not do a stage 1 HPF with NO meth pump (big savings) and a single tune for E70. That will allow you to run summer E85 and winter E70. A recent HPF car, Brian's is making 630 HP ALL the time now on this set up.
Canvass some shops to see if they want to give you a free or a discounted installation in exchange for publicity(logo on your car, name of shop plastered on the internet etc)

This is not very feasible if you dont have any E85 pumps close to you. I personally would buy 50 gallon drums and fill them up at outlying stations. Its so worth it. No meth costs, huge power, minimal Stage 1 price. Think about it.

There are two threads on Brians ethanol HPf burner,,one here and one on bimmerboost. Read both threads.

That will give you all the power you want using cheap "pump" gas, so to speak.
My tuner is working on putting a 93 octane tune on the same ECU as the E85 tune.
It may not be possible, or it could prove to work. More on that in a few weeks.
Good luck.
Read BOTH threads.

IF you were to go SC (don't) I would choose ESS. You dont WANT a belt or a system that is always ON. A turbo can be driven like any normal street car when it is is off boost. Go Stage 1 WITH the meth pump if you must. Loading up 4 drums of E85 might be more preferable. I pray you have a close by E85 source. That would close the deal in my mind.
Great info guys, unfortunately the closest e85 station is nearly 70 miles from 140 mile round trip to fill up, not going to do that. I won't live here forever so hopefully the next place I live will have more stations and I could possibly do a switchover then. I haven't done my research on the 6766 turbo, I know it's a new design for HPF, anyone want to give me a quick summary on the benefits of it? More power on same psi sorta thing, better spool, longer power band, all of the above?
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