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Haven't posted on this account yet, but check out Saad Racing/ProEFI kits as well. Saad's turbo kits matched with ProEFI EMS will give you the availibility and power you are looking for and much more. If you ever become closer to an e85 station no extra tune is needed. The maps adjust themselves based on ethanol percentage automatically with the driver not having to change a thing. Yet you can still run 91/93 octane at all times with no problems. ProEFI has 5 stages of boost control which allows you to run 5 different maps at any given time. Saad's kits can include the PT6766 which is what everyone is talking about above^^^. Great turbos, amazing spool, absolutely no complaints there. Peak boost between 4500-5000rpms! All these things matched with the right setup and you will be in love with your car. Do yourself a favor and search around, especially on these forums, and get as much information as you possibly can about FI. It's a worthy upgrade for any m3.
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