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"We are going to be creating a stage 2.25 with the HPF/AEM which will utilize the new Billet wheel Precision 6766 turbo along with a tune modification that will raise the pump gas figures safely along with all the other 3 maps (pump+meth, race and race+meth) by about 50rwhp. This will allow all of our existing stage 1 and 2 customers to add this horsepower safely without spending a lot of money. We will be setting this up on a car shortly and I will post up the results in the next few weeks." ~HPF CHRIS

This was stated in Ray's thread comment #46. Once again I've come back to HPF, but I'll be giving SAAD racing and PROEFI a call because their websites don't quite contain enough to get a good understanding of what they offer for our M3's.
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