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Thank god for e46fanatics. I thought I was the only one. I purchased an 01 325i about 4 weeks ago (privately). I had no issues until last week. I was not sure what the ASC button did (). pressed it once, saw a not-so-nice light turn on, pressed it again and all was good. Last week, the same light came on, along with a yellow handbrake light and yellow ABS light. After my research, I see what this means. No worries, from what I read, the car is still drivable, just keep the led off the brake pedal.

After a day or two, the handbrake light turned to red (all other lights still illuminated). I'm not sure exactly what this means- maybe it's more severe now?

(Also, when I first start the car, the first time I brake, there seems to be a knocking sound and lack of pressure on the brakes. I assume this is something to do with the ABS? After a few more times accelerating and braking, the brakes seem to work fine)

Anyway, last Friday, the clog light came on, the gears wouldn't shift, no Sport option, no manual option etc... I now know this is 'limp mode' or backup mode... It was like this for Fri/Sat - barely drove it - got back in on Monday for work and it was all ok (ASC, park brake and ABD lights still on) - still no trans issues *knock on wood*

Kind of a lie: The auto trans loves to shift REAL QUICK between 2 or 3 (gears 2, 3, 4) different gears when climbing a slight hill. I haven't experienced this in any other cars I've owned...

Long (messy) story short, I'm glad (selfishly) others are experiencing this. I will be taking it to a BMW specialist next week and will let you know how it goes... My biggest fear was that I would have to replace the trans.

Regarding the ABS issue, it seems that this is a result of faulty ABS sensor. Does it need replacing or simply a spit polish?
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