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Originally Posted by Ky///m3 View Post
alot of the guys who have turboed their M3's used to have supercharger setups. great thing about having a turbo these days is that they can always be upgraded and modified even further, however, with superchargers, you get what you pay for and can't really go any further

Anthony, I am a Former Dinan Stg 2 & AA gen3 stg2 Owner. Very Dissapionted in there Level of performance, upgradability, Value & Customer Service!

Now HPF stg2 w/ AEM v2 ECU (for now).

I agree with Almost everything my Buddies above have advised( 2nd cousins really )

Soon i too will Upgrade to the PT6766 turbo, ProEFI w/ FlexFuel, etc,etc and I only drive my M3 like every 5 Months. if my kids aren't in the Car, I Decimate my Rear tires and any and every Insect in my Path

I could not be happier with the Performance,Quality, Value and Support I receive that comes with this kit.

with that said just the kit will put an everlasting Smile on your Face. no question but it more than likely will be short lived/enjoyed if the other things are not addressed i.e. Brakes,Subframe,Tires, Suspension.

I want to say that i believe it is cost effective to get what you can afford all at the time of Install but you do what you can with what you have.

I pieced my masterpiece together two or three things at a time due to budget & time.

The Kits that SAAD Racing, Maximum PSI, Technica Motorsports or Lutz Performance offer for the E46 M3 Platform are Solid kits as well. MaximumPSI is closest to you if your in VA btw

In any case we are here for you bro.

Welcome to the world of Turbo E46 M3s
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