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Originally Posted by Nervous View Post
Well, read the article, that was exactly the point to let RETAIL customers of E-Trade (and ONLY E-Trade!) to participate in IPO.
It's not only E-Trade that will let retail customers participate in the IPO. At TDAmeritrade you just need a $250k account or to have made 30 trades in the past three months to be eligible to participate in the IPO. Fidelitiy requires a $500k account.

E-Trade is just "another" brokerage which is offering the IPO to retail customers. They will have their own private rules to determine who is eligible and you can be fairly sure those rules will include a minimum account size as part of their criteria.

Most brokerages also have a minimum hold time for those who invest in an IPO and will exclude you from future IPO offerings if you do not adhere to those as well, just as an FYI.

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