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Not sure about Fuse 57, however, this is specifically called out in the manual and it indicates it is actually for Outside Mirror??

But if you check the Bentley Manual on page 512-19 if specifically discusses Convertible Window Motor Standardization and calls out Fuse #57.

I can tell everyone this much, the procedure is the Bentley Manual is not 100 correct either. If you follow the Bentley Manual 100% you will not get the window Auto Up feature reset.

You actually have to drop the window and perform the procedure at least 2 times for each window.

I would suggest the following.

Hold the Window switch in the up/fully closed position for at least 5-10 seconds. The manual says 3 seconds and I know many times people under estimate how long 3 seconds can be. I would then fully drop the window again and then perform the fully closed with the switch held again.

So specifically you need to get in the car and close all doors and have the top closed. Run the front windows all the way down. Suggested that you remove Fuse #57 for at least 10 seconds, however, if the Auto Up is not working, you may be able to skip this procedure??

Then on one window at a time, do the following:

Roll the window all the up and continue to hold the window switch in the closed position for 10 seconds, make sure you do not roll the window up, let off the switch, then hold the window switch again, do it all at once. Then fully roll the window down. Then roll the window back up while holding the switch again for 10 seconds.

Now see if your Express/Auto Up feature works for that window. It should.

If you are having problems, you may want to remove Fuse #57 for a longer period of time, maybe 2 minutes, then make sure both windows Express/Auto Up feature is not working, then perform the standardization of the window pinch protection again.

Good Luck.
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