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Originally Posted by Bdave View Post
It will be a real eye opener. Years ago I got a ride in a Stage 3 HPF on pump and meth. I stepped right out of that car (within 5 minutes)into an AA SC car that supposedly did an honest 500rwhp on the dyno. It literally felt like a stock M3. I kept asking if there were any boost problems. The comparison is dramatically in favor of the turbo car.
There have been scores of guys who go from SC to turbo, but only one documented case of somebody going from a turbo to a SC'd car. That is telling also.
I am still to this day wondering why I ever bothered Super Charging my car instead of just waiting until I had the funds available to do it right.
Its quite true, some sc'd cars do feel like stock cars until you get into 4k-5k and up.

Its like super VTEC.

If you don't really get on it, it can feel very normal~

Some don't mind as when you don't push the car, the car behaves just like stock and added progressive power later in the power band keeps it very predictable and very easy to modulate and extract all the power for street and track use.

But very different from the turbo delivery, as superchargre boost build progressively so does the expectations of POWER, where as the turbo build boost that impresses your pants off.

I personally am looking to update to a turbo in the coming years after my car passes the 50k mark. But I am in no way feeling lack of power even at a paltry 6psi on my clutched blower.

Ive talked to a few owners(2) that have driven both and like the nice powerful delivery of an AA stg 2 renegade kit/ESS over a turbo kit, as they see power as not everything.

of course its all personal opinion, but any FI kit is better than no kit.

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