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Originally Posted by vandbmdubbin View Post
So because somehow your retarded and lose money doing things others make money you have the nerve to post negatively about it? How dare you? This is the type of **** that fires me up.

I have flipped properties and made lots of money and currently making money with my companies and ideas, im 24 so yes OP there are ways to make money do not let negative people deter you, im glad i never listened to them.
HAHAHA...I have to admit, this made me laugh. Then I read how old you are and it all made sense. This is why you can use the word retarded with complete disregard for what it means and who it offends. Until you have a family member with down syndrome, I'm sure you will continue to do so.

Seeing as you hadn't previously posted that you flipped houses, I can't understand what made you so upset. It's not like I was taking a shot at what you do. I was simply sharing my experience. It failed because we finished the house in 2008. At that time you where only 20 years old so I wouldn't expect you to understand what was happening with the housing market. If you are doing good, great for you.

My point was, NOTHING comes easy or fast. Are you telling me that flipping the homes that you are so successful with are easy to do? I know for a fact, they are not. And it definitely doesn't happen fast.

Once you stop being a "right now" person, you will see what I am talking about. I wouldn't think you would know what I am trying to tell you as this seems to be the motto with your generation. Lastly, stop worrying about flipping houses and go take a grammar class. Was that really all 1 sentence??
"My formula for success is rise early, work late, and strike oil." - J.Paul Getty (1892-1976)
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