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Originally Posted by DenaliXTC View Post
Im not sure how the meth kit is set up I forgot to ask when I picked up the car. From driving it, and looking at the meth LED it seems like the meth sprays at 4k RPM. I noticed it does not spray unless its under decent throttle. So I would assume meth kicks in at around 4-5 PSI. I am going to look into this as i too am curious. I mix 50/50 diluted water with meth.
I'm adding an AEM Meth Kit to my ESS 550 kit. Hope to make similar numbers, my goal is 500rwhp, I'm at 482rwhp and 329rwtq without the meth, so hoping the meth gets me to my goal. If not, at least I'll be running cooler Plan is to start the spray at 4.5psi and increasing spray as boost increases. SC runs at 9psi max.
Beautiful car and setup you have! I wish someone on the island here had a coupe setup like yours so I can see the difference with my heavy ass vert.
2003 M3 Convertible
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