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Originally Posted by eclipsor View Post
What do you recommend? I am an Econ major, who is trying to get into stocks and investing. I've been observing the stocks for a few months now, and reading the WSJ too look for good opportunities, but haven't bought anything. I want to be sure about something to start investing asap though, but I pretty much only have a few hundreds.

Where else should I be looking?
Well you can start small like 5k and keep buying stocks till they add up. Like how Warren Buffet bought Wellsfargo like 3 times at their lowest, and never sold. He has made a fortune. Just go with the old theory. Buy low, sell high. Safest bet there is. Look for a stable company, that is priced low, compare the price to their 5-10 year index and do research on their future plans and improvement. Bank of America is a safe bet, but you're looking into long term with this. Expect to triple or quadruple your money as I had nearly double my money when BOA was at 5.

If Stock is not your thing, then just save every dime you have and put it into an regular saving bank and look into real estate rentals/flippers. If you have network of peope, I would look into oversea investment. But regular joes like me can't even put my hands on them. Most money are made oversea. The rich makes money off the poor.

With my stock income, job income, and rental income. I have used those fund toward another rental, as the cycle keeps happening, I built a nice portfolio for myself. There is no way I can tank unless the end of the world is tomorrow.

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