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Originally Posted by xixixi View Post
I can't imagine you have original "Group Buy Headers" vs current headers vs my ebays to do a better comparison. I had 4 different headers at my house two being ones you sold. 1 being an ebay piece, 1 being a euro piece. I did expect a lot from these headers as they were raved about, I wasn't happy and YOU 100% took care of me. For that I cannot thank you enough. With everything being said, the only reason I bought these headers were these 2 pictures.
Originally Posted by xixixi View Post
This is what I received, now ask yourself if your expectations were met? How would you respond? Edit: I want to be very clear on this, I have no hard feelings/ill will towards BB as a company. I think they can do better and from what I've heard. They are making improvements, more options available to the community. It's not easy to do a proper QC when your product is made in china. (that is not a dig, it's a fact) I 100% understand that, I'm confident these will get better.
wait what?
they fixed the problem or they didn't?
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