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Originally Posted by MachRc View Post
Its quite true, some sc'd cars do feel like stock cars until you get into 4k-5k and up.

Its like super VTEC.

If you don't really get on it, it can feel very normal~

Some don't mind as when you don't push the car, the car behaves just like stock and added progressive power later in the power band keeps it very predictable and very easy to modulate and extract all the power for street and track use.

But very different from the turbo delivery, as supercharger boost build progressively so does the expectations of POWER, where as the turbo build boost that impresses your pants off.

I personally am looking to update to a turbo in the coming years after my car passes the 50k mark. But I am in no way feeling lack of power even at a paltry 6psi on my clutched blower.

Ive talked to a few owners(2) that have driven both and like the nice powerful delivery of an AA stg 2 renegade kit/ESS over a turbo kit, as they see power as not everything.

of course its all personal opinion, but any FI kit is better than no kit.
All true.

Big time HPDE guys (some of them) prefer the linear build of power for the track...more predictable corner exits, less chance of spinning out when the turbo hits and so on.
But that notion is being put to the test by variable boost set ups(turning the boost DOWN on some tracks) and running high compression set ups(as in the current HPF track car configuration) with a turbo vs the traditional low compression pistons. Better bearings, more power out of smaller turbos(faster spool up from smaller turbos), and other improvements are gaining more fans of the turbo as a more desirabale tool on HPDE courses. Passing virtually all the SC'd cars doesnt hurt the turbo image either.

Note also that the max HP is held over a much larger RPM range than a SC'er.
Adrenaline junkies need look no further than that visceral feeling a strong turbo gives.

Just for the record Some "purists" insist on no FI what so ever for their HPDE cars.

The bottom line is what makes YOU happy. It's YOUR money like the TV ad says. LOL

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