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I have done both AA Gen 3 Stage 2 S/C and turboed. The difference everyone is talking about with the turbo is the torque figures. The difference in torque from stock to the supercharger was a small gain. The difference from the supercharger torque to turbo torque was doubled with 5psi boost.

Ignore my actual power figures because it's not the same as American HP but this was my experience:

The AA S/C I was making 380rwhp @ 12psi. Felt good and would only wheelspin second gear a bit at 7000+rpm.

When I first did the turbo setup I had next to no timing on boost and it was rich as just so I could take it for a drive on 5 psi boost before I got it on the dyno to check it. I went for a drive with a mate and hit it and the thing just blew the tyres from 3500rpm to the limiter in second. We were both giggling like school girls thinking this thing must be making massive power even now untuned. Got it down to the dyno and ran it up as it was and it made 200hp. That's right less than a stock car. Seat of your pants feel it was like it was making double the horsepower than the S/C setup. No, what it was doing was making double the torque of the S/C setup. I ended tuning it and making 350whp @ 5psi on the turbo at the start of the turbo project and it felt like a monster compared to the S/C setup. Looking at the horsepower figures you wouldn't think the difference would of been so great with the S/C having more horsepower, but the doubling of the torque was where it was at. Would of punished the same S/C car in a straight line race even with less horsepower.

Anyway my point is if you have had turbo cars and your use to the torque of a turbo car if you go the S/C route you will end up getting bored of it quickly and wish you had more. As stated though the S/C linear power and not the insane torque of the turbo makes them a lot easier to punch round a circuit quicker.

BMW E46 M3 Turbo 570rwhp @18psi (old setup)
BMW E46 M3 LSX 427ci 800hp N/A
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VY SS Ute Turbo 1004.6rwhp @ 28psi E85
Ford Escort Mk2 2JZGTE 600rwhp @14 psi
04 Yamaha R1 154.3rwhp
ISUZU FZR550 tilt tray (GT35 Turbo)

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