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In BimmerBrake's defense, the brake rotors I ordered from them are absolutely top-notch in every way. I can only imagine their headers are generally just as good. They're the most sold thing on their website.

Process control is hard, things are defective sometimes, and manufacturing processes aren't perfect. It is not impossible to receive a pair of defective headers. It seems they are willing to fix it. I plan on ordering these headers from them some day. Major maintenance things come first

The headers you received are not acceptable from the pictures, and BimmerBrakes is willing to replace them if you aren't satisfied. Good customer service is accepting the fact that process defects occur rarely (in general, these errors are attempted to be set to happen approximately 0.00034%), and fulfilling the customer's needs with either a full refund or a new item. Again, very rare, but a defect can happen, and that is why process control charts exist. It could be that they had a bad batch, and the process control chart is not the way it should be.

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