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I know I saw those control arms and was like "those twigs are the A arms?!" I felt bad for the Lotus, it was a really cool car but blew its tranny 40 minutes in, and they basically just finished working on it with an hour left in the race. Plus the driver was cool, most other cars returned to the paddock from their warm up laps surrounding by dudes in golf carts honking away at people to move to the side, the lotus driver just went for it himself and revved the **** out of the car to scatter people lol. I thought those wheels were odd, but I bet they are super light. I think they are some sort of Apex, since the car had Apex stickers on it.

And that turn (called the corkscrew) is awesome, it drops a total of 5 and a half stories in a few hundred yards. Its a pretty exciting one to watch, they drop waaaay down and then you can hear them all hit the gas on the way out. Plus, since its tough and the cars kick gravel onto it, theres a good chance someone will lose it. Patrick Dempsey ate it there in his Lola.

Now to get onto the track somehow....

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