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Originally Posted by Worx View Post
They look good, I love how fat it makes the rear look, not a fan of seeing rim tho.
That's cool, yeah I actually how you can see the rim

Originally Posted by stevie.k View Post
max camber plus a drop should be tucking the rear nicely! cant wait to see the end result.... im guessing that the pics of the rears on are without the coilovers installed?
Yep stock suspension still. Will max rear camber and roll rear fenders. I wanna try fit a 5mm or 12mm spacer in the rear. The test fit was to see how much space I have but it's hard to tell with the car sitting so high.

Originally Posted by CortinaD View Post
Coming along nicely!

Where are you jacking the car from?
Thanks. The car was jacked from the subframe brace which is just infront of the diff. Not on the actual diff itself.

Originally Posted by Nath View Post
awesome mods, LOVE the wheels but not the stretch

Looking forward to seeing the V2's go on
Thanks! Yeah the stretch isn't for everyone. I actually like certain wheels with stretch, others non stretched. Like I love TE37s (18") with no stretch, but prefer LMs with some stretch. But yeah if it's stretched it needs to be low else it looks really bad.
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