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Just now caught up on this thread again and... ouch, dude. I hate that it happened, but now you know it's time for her to go (just like we've said before and have said after the revelation). You seem like a guy who deserves better than that. The hardest part at this point is going to be detaching yourself from her, but you have to do it if you want to save your sanity in the long run. I'm a cold mother fucker when it comes to women who cheat on me. One strike, that's it. I've been cheated on once before and I never gave her a chance to do it again.

Some people call me self-centered and selfish (which is probably true), but in my life, I have to come first if I want to stay on top. It's hard to put aside emotions and think logically, but goddamnit if it hasn't worked for me so far.

TL;DR: Ditch the bitch and think with logic, not emotions. And I'll refrain from comments about banging her now. Except for that one.
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