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Originally Posted by sonaldinho89 View Post
Don't the MSport Sedans have black door trims? (4 or 6 cylinder)
i meant the colour coded door trims

there are some prety easy ways to narrow down the E46 AUS delivered cars
w/out hving a badge

first thing is look at what body shape you've got: Sedan, Coupe, 'Vert or Touring

If touring, its a 320i

Then see if its a face lift or preface lift

If its a preface lift vert. its a 330
If facelift vert. 330 or 325.
Then look for headlight washers, most of the time the 325's wont have the washers (on the odd occassion they will). A 330 will.

If its a preface coupe with the bee stinger antenna, its either a 323 or 328

Coupe with manual seats = 320

330 preface will come with projectors and headlight washers
330ci prefacelift non msport will have silver trim on the front bar.

SO as you can see with the process of elimination, you can just about tell every Ci model without needing a badge.

Sedans are a little harder

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who da F done that?
prestige warehouse or who?

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