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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
even the best guessers here only top out at around 3-4% correct! I'm at 2.34% and quite proud of my record! Mango, I've been running the numbers on, and he's at an incredible 4.28%--it's an admirable record he's got, but he is still just an Internet person!
I prefer to think of Mango slightly differently. In the basement of the BMW North America headquarters, there is a large steel door with the seemingly innocuous title "knowledge continuity" stenciled on it. Behind this door you will find a dark room filled with life support equipment fashioned mostly from BMW coolant systems. In the center, resting on a custom made cradle of beige alacantara, is the disembodied head of BMW mechanic Hanz Jemango, who was aged 24 when Bavarian Motorwerkz was founded in 1917. He is currently 119 years old but is kept in top condition due to regular preventative maintenance. Since his body failed in 1963, he has been connected to BMW's mainframe computer assisting in the most challenging cases of mechanical troubleshooting. But he was never personally fulfilled by this work, until sometime in 1993 an unsuspecting network administrator hooked up a dialup modem to the mainframe computer, and Hanz was able to connect to the nascent world wide web and begin his long odyssey of helping enthusiasts understand the precious machines they drive. You can understand his special affinity for the coolant systems as they are the very implements sustaining his life.
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