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Originally Posted by Jets330 View Post
Looks good. any idea if 18x10 et 25, same as your rears will fit for a sedan? rolled, but not pulled.
none of the white wheels are 10" wide. The original plan was to do 10's all the way around but after the suspension was on the 10's would not clear the front struts. I decided to not do a staggered tire on the car so I ended up with 8.5's all the way around et25. That is what you see on the car now. My front fenders are rolled but it's not necessary with this fitment. My rears are not rolled at all and it's probably about 1/4" away from my tire sidewall. I would surmise that with a 10" back there it would need rolled but with a 9" probably not. 9.5" you would just be gambling. Also in the pic is 215/40 series Nitto Neogens. I'm not sure about the "reverse rake" comment. The front is lower then the rear. The tire/fender gap is pretty much identical front to back but the actual rocker of the car is raked lower in the front. I would normally think of this as forward rake as apposed to "reverse" but either way, I prefer the front lower then the rear rather then "tug boating".
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