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Originally Posted by XKxRome0ox View Post
this is so true
so much money is "made" just being a middle man in trades of imaginary papers...
how do you create actual wealth just doing that? as soon as people lose confidence in the market... plop
down it goes
Originally Posted by Big Rick View Post
I agree... But unfortunately a lot of things these days are based upon popularity instead of production.

They will raise a crapload of money then tank HUGE. Wait until their next big security flaw comes out... And it will.
Originally Posted by Nervous View Post
Well, it is tempting.... Most likely the stock will go up from the IPO price ($34-$38) to $45-$50 on the first day.... To buy or not to buy?....
My guess is that the best days of FB are behind them. It is already facing a back lash in the US although it is still popular overseas. But MySpace was popular too, and so was AOL. Something better will come along and replace it. GM pulled their advertising from FB today because no one was clicking on their advertising space. Is that an aberration or a sign of the future ? Who knows but the stock market keeps dropping every day. Bad signs for an IPO.
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