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Originally Posted by jdstrickland View Post
He did say that, but everybody is taking him on a ride of global problems that will hit several cylinders, if not all of them, instead of just one.

And it is not clear that he is replacing stuff or swapping it. If he's replacing stuff with more stuff that is also broken, then he's not fixing anything. If he's swapping a part with a known good part and the symptom remains the same or changes, then there is a clue. The OP talks about working on his car if there is time, as if he's working in a shop and has access to used parts that don't work any better than the parts that are already on the car.

And, he said that resetting the engine code makes the car run okay for a minute or so and then it starts to misfire again. Resetting the code has nothing to do with the engine misfiring, or not. It might take a minute for the code to come back, but the misfire is present without regard to the status of the code or the resetting of the computer. The car does not say, "oh, the computer is reset, I should run okay now," and then begin misfiring anew. The condition that makes the misfire does not go away just because the codes have been reset.

Assuming the coil and injector have been swapped and the plugs are good, and the problem remains on 5, then the diagnostic efforts have to move to stuff like a valve or piston rings, or something internal. It's time for a compression test.
I do work in a shop, however I don't put used parts on my car. I did mention that I used aftermarket cam position sensors (no trouble the last 2 years since installed though).

Coil and injector have been swapped, all plugs look good, compression test resulted in 120 across all cylinders.

The car runs perfectly fine with no misses until warmed up to normal operating temp.

I've combed through wiring to make sure there are no tears or fraying of wires, cleaned contacts, checked fuses and relays. Checked for vacuum leaks with a smoker.

e46mango, I have the bosch plugs installed, it was an oem part number I got for them. Had them installed since last year when I did my valve cover gasket.

Not sure what happened to my original post, was on my phone.. obviously I erased the whole original post and replaced it with another lol. oops.

Anyways, next on the list is a fuel pressure test.
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