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Originally Posted by jdstrickland View Post
All of those things except swapping the coil and injector feed into global misfire symptoms, or at least multiple cylinder misfires.

I'm trying to help separate the chaff from the wheat here.

Fuel pressure low can certainly give misfire problems, but logic dictates the problems will be global, not unique to one specific cylinder. The same goes for the Cam Position Sensor, fuses, relays, etc.

Used parts are not a problem if you know they are not defective. I frequently will save something that I took off of my car to use for a spare someday, especially when the new part and the old part give the same symptom. I have a used starter on the shelf now that was replaced, and I discovered after installing the new one that the old one was merely dirty or had a missing screw -- I forget what the problem was, but I was able to fix it so it lives on the shelf waiting for a chance to be used again. I was only meaning that if you are putting in used parts of unknown integrity, then you might be chasing your tail as a result.

It is impossible from this side of the interweb to tell what is wrong with your car, but I get the feeling that you are looking at things that should have a global impact but you repeatedly report a problem that is unique to a single cylinder. It seems to me that you need a diagnostic approach that is also unique to the same cylinder. You cannot do anything to move the problem, so the issue has to be something like a frayed wire or some manner of failure of the injector firing circuit, or an internal problem with the motor.
I understand it's impossible to tell what's wrong with the car on the internet. I'm merely looking for ideas here, because everything I've tried so far isn't coming up with anything. I'm grasping for straws here..

Like I said before, I've combed over the wiring harnesses to the DME, with no findings to write home about. Everything looks ok, even cleaned contacts.

When I connect the BMW software to the car, I get DME code 1F: Activation ignition cyl 5 (which no one anywhere seems to know, nor can I find anything on google) along with the p0305.

I don't know if this code means the DME is not activating the coil because it detects some other problem, or if the DME itself has taken a sh!t on me.

We have a genisys scanner at work that was of no help either.

I've even searched in websites like ALLDATA and Identifix, and Identifix keeps suggesting the pcv system (done about 1000k miles ago, no problems until last friday night), and charging system (tested at 14v w/o load, 13.8 w/load)
battery tested at 740cca but is rated at 850.

I figured since these cars are finicky with voltage, I might as well check that out.

I've done compression tests in all cylinders, switched spark plugs, coils, injectors, used BMW DIS to shut off injector 5 to see if there was a difference.. and it's getting a signal.
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