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Originally Posted by NH328DJ
...right now Im thinking in a couple years of getting an e36 M3 with an AA turbo, a BBK, new wheels tires ect...rollbars and gutting it for the track ~30,000 after everything...
Plan on spending another $6k on a motor rebuild and $2k on a tranny rebuild if you are going to run some boost in an E36 at the track. E36 Ms are getting older and are starting to require some major maintenance. 8psi of boost for 30 minutes straight four times a day will tax the piston rings of even a new motor.

You can learn more about driving in a moderately powered car than in a high HP grenade with the pin pulled. Buy a fully prepped E30 325i for $8k from a club racer who stepped up to an E36. Learn how to put E36 M3s to shame at the track before you think about building something with real HP.

Instructors have a name for the big dollar and overprepared E36 and E46 M3s brought to the track by guys with little experience: parts cars

Mod the driver. Participate in your local BMWCCA autocross or driving school. Have you joined BMWCCA yet?

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