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Originally Posted by Ballistic325 View Post
If the CD changer works without a problem and the problem is that there is no sound, I would suggest that there is a break or a loose connection from the HU to the speakers. Most likely that a connector which carries sound from the changer to the speakers is loose and therefore while the CD changer works, the sound it not getting through to the speakers.

Check the rear of the HU and ensure that everything is connected. Same with connections back in to the CD changer. Buying a Blizsafe or similar product that connects in place of the CD changer will not solve the problem.

I don't think I did a good job explaining. The problem isn't that there is no sound. The sound comes out when playing the radio, its when trying to use the CD changer that the sound won't come out. It has been like that since I bought the car a month ago..The display on the HU even shows which CD and track is selected, but no sound. The reason this is an issue for me is that I'm trying to add an aux input using a blitzsafe through the CD changer input, and before buying the blitzsafe and attaching it to the CD changer input (I don't even want to use a CD changer and am planning to take it out) I was trying to make sure that the line to the HU works so I'd be able to add a aux input. VERY ANNOYING problem considering my GF's ford focus has a factory aux input
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