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Originally Posted by Sixracer View Post
Sounds like the first thing to do would be to check all your wires are secure and there isn't any corrosion. Especially the grounds.

But it sounds like your new regulator is a dud. How much did you pay for it? If you got a good deal you probably got a refurbished one. I replaced mine the first time with a $40 one from Pelican parts and had oscillating headlights. Turns out it was a refurb. Second time I paid full price for a new one from bad Auto. Works like a charm.

The good news is that with a regulator in your hand and the experience of doing this once already, you can replace the regulator without removing the whole alternator (though it does require some dexterity to get your hands around the back of the alternator.
I bought the one from Pelican for $50, but haven't noticed pulsating headlights or anything of that nature. Everything was going perfectly and then all of a sudden the voltage dropped.
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