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Originally Posted by Sixracer View Post
I emailed them and they said to return in for a replacement. That was a year after I had originally ordered it. Since it was just headlights pulsing I actually drove around for months before I replaced it again. They offered replacement and since I wanted to go with a BavAuto new one I never took them up on the offer.
So were you able to get your money refunded? Was it ever confirmed that the voltage regulators that they sell are actually refurbs?

As of right now, I'm just hoping it's all user error and myself not tightening everything fully. I would suspect that, too, actually, since I was in a bit of a rush.. I guess being an 18 year old I can get pretty anxious and whatnot. Going to go back in soon and check everything.

Thank you very much for the help, by the way. Definitely appreciated.
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