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My Ride: BMW 330i
FIXED EVERYTHING (except the oil leak) and it runs amazing!!!!

SO... here is the laundry list:

Checked all intake boots/hoses (just replaced a year ago so all fine)
Vaccum leak on hose coming off the valve cover... fixed
Coolant Leak - Split in the coolant tank, sanded and JB welded (amazing stuff)... fixed
Ran seafoam for the hell of it... nothing
Purchased scanner.. Cleared 9 error codes, wrote down what stuck.. P0369 (cam shaft sensor)
Replaced Cam sensor... fixed code
New Error code... P1353 (missfire on cyl 6, cut off)
Changed spark plug... nothing
Moved coil to cyl 2.. error P1345 (missfire on cyl 2, cut off) FOUND YOU
Replaced the coil and....

IT RUNS PERFECT AGAIN!!!! Now to find this oil leak..

Thanks e46fanatics!!! Every step was covered on here, what a resource!

Originally Posted by ThatGuy_JZ View Post
Sell the car and buy another one???
LOL it was on cragislist.. almost sold too!! haha now I get an easy grand more.


- Bimmin a 330i... again. -

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