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Originally Posted by LiNk504 View Post
i haven't driven it in about two weeks. It doesn't have any leaks (that i can see). 50/50 of water and coolant. new water pump and belt, expansion tank, upper radiator hose, and radiator. bled multiple time so i doubt there is any air in the system any more. But now that i think about it i didn't check my fan to see if it is working. I live in a small town so my speed is usually 30mph or lower. Do you think just a fan could make it over heat like that.
I was thinking fan before you mentioned it simply because your system did function ok (keep things cool for at least 1/2 hour), are you auto or manual?
If you are auto your clutch fan may be busted, and if youre a manual maybe your electric fan or more likely youre fan switch may not be working properly.
Moreover, I believe your blown expansion tank was a symptom of another already existing fault within your cooling system.
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