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You know what's really funny about those commercials? The idea that BMW is actually providing maintenance at "no cost." A more accurate description would be pre-paid maintenance.
Baha. Only up to 50K too? All of these other car places slapped a 100k or 10 year warranty on their product long ago. Sucks BMW doesn't trust their cars enough to do the same. They drive awesome, they maintain like a hooker.

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I used to drive fast and cowboy around, but then I realized that I can't even afford bumping into someone, so now it's slow and classy, with occasional spurts of speed. Fanatics might pick on each other from time to time, but we are all one great big family that looks out for each other in the end.
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I pull up to meets, lean to one side, shakin my finger at all da playahaterz. Then I get back into my car and flash mah beamz.
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