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Originally Posted by JTLaz View Post
Thanks reedo. I didn't know that. As for the combat pistols, you are referring to Beretta M9s and Sig P220s, etc, correct?
Yeah. Any of the modern pistols are great investments. Most will be significantly less expensive than the 1911. This is just my own opinion, and if you want a 9mm 1911, you have every right to do so. I'm just saying that you will get much more from the 9mm cartridge with a different high-capacity double stack semi auto pistol. One of the key advantages of the 9mm is the compact nature of the round that allows for higher magazine capacity than nearly any other auto-loading pistol round (a few exceptions exist). If you want a 1911, buy one in .45ACP or 10mm Auto.

My philosophy on a "bug-out/SHTF pistol" is the same as any duty or combat pistol.
-Proven reliability in adverse environments
-common, easy-to-find duty/combat caliber
-highest magazine capacity possible for that type of pistol
-modern design
-rail for a weapon light, if possible

Again, just own opinion. YMMV
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