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I am going to take a wild guess and say you were gunning it into the turn... pretty long strait away.. enough to get upto around 30-60 mph and scare the **** out of your friends. Then the turn comes up, you hesitate because you want it to last a second longer to make them even more enthralled, once it was too late to safely make the turn you either A-hit the brakes and they locked for a second sending you into the power slide, B-pulled the e-brake and sent yourself into what you thought was Tokyo drift the movie. BAM. What happend in between the bam? If deer were anywhere near the road you use it right away to explain why you "swerved" and hit an object. Either way man no one wreaks at 15mph and has the car burst into flames(eh it's probably possible in the right senario). I'm not doubting your story as to what happend in the end, I just think you were dicking around on the road a little more than you have told us. Care to give a refined story? As you recall it now? Hey, if you're completely telling the truth, you need to join a movie stunt crew.

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I used to drive fast and cowboy around, but then I realized that I can't even afford bumping into someone, so now it's slow and classy, with occasional spurts of speed. Fanatics might pick on each other from time to time, but we are all one great big family that looks out for each other in the end.
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I pull up to meets, lean to one side, shakin my finger at all da playahaterz. Then I get back into my car and flash mah beamz.
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