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Originally Posted by PRDesignsTony View Post
ouch, i rather be running on oem wheels than those. Way to rice up something nice. You have so many other options than choosing LM's and CSL style reps to make your car look great so stop using that as an excuse to make yourself different. Your ride may be different but its different in a very bad way. But hey, its your ride, you do wat you want with it. IF you like people making fun of it than good for you.
Rice? I don't remember every seeing anything ricey that looks like my car. The people who have opinions I respect for the most part dig it.
LMs or CSLs only? I don't remember using that as an excuse? If you mean me saying that I am uninspired by most wheel choices lately for e46s, well I guess you can make that assumption. Thanks, and actually I don't mind if people make fun of it.
Originally Posted by Wes View Post
Your car, along with every other "stanced" monstrosity, looks like a steaming pile of sh1t.
Originally Posted by mistrzmiasta View Post
i know in your head that sounded like a nice comeback/argument but you just sound like a fool.
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