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The owner of this blue VW Mk4 Jetta contacted me regarding the clear coat/paint issues that he has been having on his roof. The original plan was to wrap the trunk, roof, and hood, to cover up and prevent any further oxidizing of the paint. However, I told him to just go with the roof first, to test it out and see how that turns out first before continuing with the rest.

Vinyl is only an alternative to paint, it is not a replacement. However, in this case, it was a cheaper option and better than leaving the roof to oxidize further. The better condition the roof is in, the better the final results of the vinyl wrap will be. The vinyl material is very thin, about the same thickness as the car's paint, so it is by no means a body filler. Luckily for the owner of this car, even though the roof was in pretty bad condition, the vinyl was able to hide/cover up most of the oxidation without showing through the vinyl itself.

We went with the gloss black vinyl finish for the roof to give it a more factory look, versus going with the matte black finish or carbon fiber finishes.



-Don Nguyen

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