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Finally got the methanol injection completed (just need to tidy up some wiring). I was sent the wrong AEM controller (diesel) and didn't figure it out until after we cut wires off the controller to make it shorter (easier to manage). But AEM said no problem and exchanged for the right one at no extra charge. I replaced the silicone tubing between the MAF and throttle body with an aluminum reducer pipe. We just had to put a slit in the middle and weld it up for that funky bend. This gave me the capability to spray about 4 or 5 inches away from the throttle body to give more time for ionization. We started with the smaller nozzle which seemed to drop the IATs a little bit, but could not feel much of a difference (and no bogging). Again I am not going to tune for the 50/50 mix. We then went to the middle nozzle which supports up to 350hp. At lower end I seem to notice it is slightly quicker. At higher speeds and punching it there is not much of a difference. I did notice that before spraying my boost gauge shows around 8psi at WOT. But now it is around 9. The middle nozzle does not ever bog down the car..at all. We will try the largest nozzle next (350 to 600hp). Attached is a picture of the aluminum piece finished, but we had not tapped the washer tank yet so no hose coming out of the AEM nozzle (I put a plug in it). Once I find which nozzle is best I will then find the best start and max boost pressure when spraying. Right now it starts at 4psi and max at 8psi. I did run with a MkI GT3 (997) (and not on the track, but on the Autobahn..he would smoke me on the corners) and we were about neck and neck...he slowed and pulled to the right and gave me a thumbs up. I was running almost neck and neck with a friend's 2011 DCT M3 Sedan before spraying (I have a video, but it is very choppy). We will give it another try once I get the right nozzle and setting and will capture another video for comparison if anyone is interested.

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