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Sorry for reviving an old thread. I have the same issue. My pirate ship creaking noise comes when the car is hot (after being driven for hours). I first encountered this noise a year ago. Then the noise went away after a few months, disappeared completely for a few months, and it's back again now! My indy shop mechanic couldn't pinpoint the exact cause.

I had the ball joints and tie rods replaced recently, and the noise is still there. And now, there is a thumping noise whenever I go over a slightly uneven road. Funny thing is, there's no noise when I go over a SEVERELY uneven road or gravel. And the worst thing is, the dealership couldn't even find the cause. They said there was no noise The indy shop mechanic said the FCAB is fine, and the sway end links are good too. I'm going back to the shop tomorrow to see if the upper strut mount is the culprit.

PS: FYI I have the Bilstein PSS9 coilover, so I dunno if the strut mount is the same as stock

Also, could it be engine mount?

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